• J.K. Rowling is a world famous British author
  • She is known for writing the Harry Potter book saga
  • Rowling has come under fire for her LGBTQ+ views

Rowling mad history with her wizarding books. The author even reached the billionaire landmark and was a beloved figure all over the planet. But in recent times, her opinions on LGBTQ+ issues have landed her in some hot water with many labelling her a transphobe. But many others also support her stances.

J.K. Rowling has heard it all before

And this has led to the BBC recently apologizing to Rowling. In a discussion about the "Harry Potter" video game Hogwarts Legacy on BBC Radio Scotland’s Good Morning Scotland show, a transgender woman said she had boycotted the game because it was being used to “fund the anti-trans movement.”

Also interesting:

Broadcaster Carrie Marshall said: “This is having a measurable effect on trans people’s lives and potentially our safety too[...]" This led to many viewers issuing complaints to the BBC about biased media coverage. As a response, the BBC issued an apology!

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