• Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson are getting close
  • Kanye makes headlines with his tantrums
  • This is why Pete is worried about Kim

Kim Kardashian caused a lot of excitement with her new relationship with comedian Pete Davidson. But after just nine months, the Keeping up with the Kardashians star broke up with her boyfriend Pete, who is 13 years younger than her.

One reason for the breakup may have been the ongoing anger from Kim Kardashian's ex-husband, Kanye West. On Instagram, the singer not only made negative comments about Kim Kardashian, but also about her then-boyfriend Pete Davidson.

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Pete Davidson worries about Kim as a good friend

Kanye West even gave him the nickname "Skete", which refers to Pete as a rat. But now, two months after the split, an insider told Hollywood Life that Kim and Pete are getting closer again: Pete texted Kim a few times about the whole situation with Kanye because he still cares about her as a person and wanted to check in and see how she was doing, the source told Hollywood Life.

The comedian supports Kim as a friend, which she appreciates very much according to insiders. So the reality star and Pete Davidson broke up amicably in August and are still in touch. The fact that Kanye himself is the reason for this renewed friendship will certainly not please the rapper.

Kim will certainly need a good friend if Kanye West continues to attract so much negative attention. Currently, the singer has caused a lot of trouble with his controversial statements