• Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker are getting their own documentary
  • It covers the couple's three weddings
  • Here is what fans think

Their relationship has been great fun for the tabloids who have enjoyed following them around on more than occasion, chronicling their love in the press. Now that they are husband and wife, their life together continues to be for the public. And now there's a surprise coming for fans!

Travis and Kourtney want to share their love with everyone

Everyone can experience the wedding ceremonies up close! Broadcaster Hulu made a post on Instagram announcing the documentary, titled 'Til Death Do Us Part: Kourtney & Travis'. The couple was followed by the camera on their way to the marriage ceremonies.

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Even now, the trailer already promises many private and emotional moments. However, fans don't seem too enthusiastic about the idea, as can be seen from the comments below the post...

Watch the video above to learn more!