• Ben Affleck opens up about his marriage
  • The actor talks about fame and family frenzy
  • Affleck mentions living with J.Lo's intense fame

In a candid conversation that's as revealing as it is riveting, Ben Affleck (49) delves into the complexities of navigating fame with his superstar wife, Jennifer Lopez (54). The couple, known for their rekindled romance and subsequent marriage in July 2022, have been the subject of intense public fascination and scrutiny. But what's it really like being half of one of the world's most famous couples?

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Fame: A double-edged sword

Affleck marvels at Lopez's immense popularity and the positive impact she has on her fans. "She's so famous...people love her," he tells Hart, noting the stark contrast in their fan interactions. While Affleck might get a nod for his cinematic achievements, it's Lopez who sends fans into a frenzy.

The actor recounts a particularly chaotic moment when the couple, along with their blended family of five children, decided to walk through Times Square. The scene quickly turned "bananas," with fans swarming them in a fervent display of adoration for J.Lo. This incident underscores the intense level of attention that follows Lopez and, by extension, their family.

Struggling with the spotlight

Despite the glamorous facade, Affleck doesn't shy away from discussing the downsides of their public life. The impact of his fame on his children's lives is a source of heartache for the actor. He candidly admits to second-guessing the life he's chosen, especially when it brings unwanted attention or hardship to his family.

Yet, it's not all doom and gloom. Affleck appreciates the opportunities his lifestyle has afforded his family, contrasting it with his own upbringing. The conversation also touches on Affleck's infamous "resting b**ch face," with the actor humorously clarifying that he's simply not a fan of the constant paparazzi attention.

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In the midst of sharing these personal insights, Affleck and Lopez have faced rumors of marital discord. Despite these speculations, the couple has continued to present a united front, celebrating milestones and stepping out together. Affleck's reflections in the interview, devoid of any direct mention of these rumors, instead offer a deeper look into the challenges and joys of their high-profile marriage.