• Billie Eilish is a social justice warrior
  • She is currently fighting for the environment
  • THIS is her beef now

The young star pushes for sustainability, expressing frustration with the environmentally harmful tactics used by major artists to inflate their numbers.

Billie takes a stand

Billie Eilish, the eco-warrior songstress, has shaken the tables of the music world with her latest outburst! In a no-holds-barred chat with Billboard, the "Bad Guy" hitmaker (22) blasted the industry's latest sales trick: churning out countless vinyl variants of the same album. "It's like we're living in 'The Hunger Games' of music sales!" she exclaimed.

The pop prodigy didn't mince words, folks! "I can't even express to you how wasteful it is," Eilish lamented, her green heart on her sleeve. As someone who strides the sustainable path, she finds it "really frustrating" when the biggest names in the biz drop 40 different vinyl packages, each with a "unique thing" to make fans cough up more cash.

Take The Rolling Stones, rock legends who released a whopping 43 versions of their 2023 album 'Hackney Diamonds.' Or Taylor Swift, the queen of pop, whose upcoming 'The Tortured Poets Department' will hit shelves in four different-colored vinyl editions, each with a sneaky bonus track.

Swifties might remember the 'Midnights' album variants, each back featuring a slice of a clock face. Collect 'em all, and you could assemble a working clock with a separate kit sold online. Clever? Sure. But some fans cry foul, accusing Swift of exploiting their loyalty.

Is there a problem?

Eilish, however, walks the talk. Her 2021 album 'Happier Than Ever' came in four vinyl variants too, but here's the twist – they were crafted from 100% recycled black vinyl with colored scraps, and the wrapping? Made from sugar cane, not single-use plastic!

The "Ocean Eyes" singer's frustration is palpable. "It's irritating," she says, "that certain musicians care that much about your numbers and you care that much about making money." Eilish, alongside her mother and environmental ally, Maggie Baird, even suggests Billboard should cap the number of variants to keep the playing field green.

Eilish's sustainable efforts don't stop at vinyl. She's powered festival sets with solar farms, released durable merch, and turned the O2 Arena in London into a vegan haven during her shows.

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So, what's the verdict? Is it time for the music industry to tune into sustainability, or will the vinyl variant games continue? Stay tuned!