Billy Dee Williams aka "Lando" in the Star Wars films opened up about what it's been like for him to reprise his role in the upcoming sequel Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. The 82-year-old actor said that after almost 40 years of playing the legendary role for the first time, he realized "Lando" was actually a very revolutionary character for the year the film was released (1980.) Now fans can't wait to see him on screen again!

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Billy Dee Williams at Gladys Knight s 75th Birthday Party_Inside in Los Angeles, California, 2019

Billy Dee Williams reveals there was a romantic relationship on the set of Star Wars

According to "Lando," Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford had a romance on the set of Star Wars back in the 1980's, as reported by Esquire. The amazing Dee Williams said that he totally respected whatever was going on between them, "As far as I’m concerned, I mean, I don’t care what people are, whatever they’re doing, that’s fine with me," he said. So if you were one of those fans who perceived a romantic tension between "Princess Leia" and "Han Solo," you were probably right!