• Billy Zane is best known for 'Titanic'
  • The actor turns 58 today
  • HERE is what he has been up to

From obscure roles to surprising side gigs, get the lowdown on Zane's life post-Titanic fame. Remember the dapper devil of the Titanic, Billy Zane? He was the guy we loved to hate, the one who made Leo and Kate's love story all the more gripping.

But while his co-stars soared, Zane's star seemed to flicker out. What gives?

From Blockbusters to the Back Burner

Zane turns 58 years old today and many want to know what happened to him.

Post-Titanic, Zane's IMDb is a treasure trove of titles, but let's be real – how many have you actually watched? The man's been hustling, but it's been a mix of TV flicks, straight-to-VOD releases, and the odd TV cameo. It's like he's playing hide and seek with Hollywood!

So, what's the 411 on Billy Zane's undercover career? He's been painting up a storm with artistic side hustles and even popped up in fast-food ads. Talk about a plot twist! But hey, a guy's gotta eat, right?

It's not all smooth sailing, though. Zane's had his share of business snafus and projects that never saw the light of day. But don't count him out just yet. This villain's got more acts to come.

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Zane also has projects like 'Takeover', 'Sunset Superman', 'Food Fight', 'Blunt' and 'Waltzing With Brando'.

Stay tuned for the latest.