• Angela Bassett is an American screen actress
  • She came to prominence in the late 1980s
  • Angela has changed dramatically over the years 

It seems to be nearly impossible to age gracefully in Hollywood. With plastic surgeries and body enhancements all over the place, it's rare to see a timeless beauty with the natural grace of old Hollywood. The legendary Angela Bassett fits that description in spades. Her career has been one that many young actresses aspire to today!

Angela Bassett is proof that age is just a number

She began her career in her late 20s, appearing on The Cosby Show. But Angela was also able to shine in some notable films as well! In 1993, she was even nominated for an Oscar for Best Actress.

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Angela Bassett Movies

An inspiration for women everywhere!

Angela Bassett Movies: Her Career Highlights

However, thanks to Black Panther and the sequel Black Panther: Wakanda Forever she's probably celebrated her greatest success, even receiving one of her two Oscar nominations and a Golden Globe for her performances.

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