Blake Lively undergoes a major transformation in new movie The Rhythm Section

Blake Lively posted a photo on Instagram of the major transformation she underwent for her new movie, and some called her "brave" for showing what she looks like "without makeup".

"Some people think that’s what I look like without makeup [pointing at the ‘after’ picture], which I find very offensive because that takes an hour to make me look like that."

"This also takes an hour to make me look this good,” the star added, pointing to the other photo.

Blake Lively attends the screening of "The Rhythm Section" at Brooklyn Academy of Music.

Lively informed Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday’s Tonight Show that she was grappling with how to respond.

"I’m sort of vacillating between my vanity, which is, like, wanting to be, like, ‘I don’t actually look like that!’ But also being a feminist and being like, ‘Why do we expect women to wake up looking like this? This isn’t realistic that you wake up this beautiful!'" she said.


The Gossip Girl alumni and mother of three revealed even more tidbits about the new flick, including breaking her hand punching Jude Law on set. 

Lively and Fallon played the infamous "Box of Lies", and revealed her daughter is a huge fan of Fallon. 

Watch more in the clip below: