He's still bringing the laughs at 92!

'The Bob Newhart Show': The Comedian's Incredible Career

Bob Newhart Show

Bob Newhart's show has become a classic in American television. Before starring in the sitcom, Bob Newhart had already garnered quite the fan base from his comedic monologues, and now, 92 years old, the comedian continues to deliver the humor. Join us in taking a look back at Bob Newhart's incredible career, especially The Bob Newhart Show

Even before The Bob Newhart Show, Bob Newhart was destined for fame. Born September 5, 1929, while his knack for comedy started as a hobby, after years of perfecting his jokes, Bob would make it in the big leagues. 

Working as a copywriter for a film and television producer, Bob Newhart and his co-worker would stay entertained by recording long telephone conversations on absurd topics. When Bob's co-worker left the company, Bob continued the hobby and would eventually adapt the material for his own stand-up comedy routine. 

The Bob Newhart Show

The Bob Newhart Show would come after Bob became famous for his one-man audio releases. In 1960, his comedy album The Button-Down Mind of Bob Newhart would reach number one on the Billboard charts, becoming the first comedy album to ever reach number one and also winning him the Grammy for Album of the Year!

Bob Newhart The Button Down Mind 1975

His success would in turn lead to his own variety show in 1961, The Bob Newhart Show. The show would be short-lived, however, only lasting one season. Bob Newhart would spend the next decade perfecting his craft with appearances on

before giving his own series another shot! Also titled, The Bob Newhart Show, his second sitcom would prove to be a huge hit, going on to air for six seasons! 

Bob Newhart Today

After The Bob Newhart Show ended in 1978, Bob Newhart continued to leave his mark on comedy including another self-titled sitcom, Newhart (1982-1990), and two short-lived comedy series Bob (1992-1993) and George & Leo (1997-1998).

Bob Newhart attends The Paley Honors: A Special Tribute To Television's Comedy Legends 2019

Most recently, Bob appeared on hit series The Big Bang Theory in the role of "Professor Proton (Arthur Jeffries)" for which he won a Primetime Emmy Award for Guest Star in a Comedy Series.

When he's not busy making audiences laugh with his deadpan humor and stammering style, you'll catch the legendary comedian spending time with his wife of 58 years, Ginny, and their four children and ten grandchildren! We will forever remember the now 92-year-old for his hit series The Bob Newhart Show