• Bob Saget died a few weeks ago
  • The autopsy report has been released
  • There are some inconsistencies in it

The sudden death of Bob Saget (65) in early January was a real shock. His cause of death was unclear for about a month. Finally, authorities said the Full House star suffered head trauma. He accidentally hit his head and went to sleep soon after.

But the full autopsy report has now been published, and it's quite severe — even if foul play still isn't suspected. According to the Daily Mail, which has the autopsy, Saget's head injuries were more serious than first thought.

Bob Saget's death: This is how the actor died 

Bob Saget actually fractured the base of his skull. There were also fractures around the eye sockets and bleeding and contusions of the brain. In fact, a specialist in neurosurgery told The New York Times the injuries are comparable to trauma from a baseball bat or even a fall from six to nine meters.

However, in such a fall, Saget would have suffered injuries to the rest of his body as well. What the autopsy also revealed is that the actor was taking medication for anxiety disorders. These may make him drowsy and increase risk of a fall. Neither alcohol nor illegal drugs was detected.

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Drama surrounding Bob Saget's autopsy report

However, experts doubt that Saget thought nothing of the enormous blow to the head and just went to sleep. New York attorney Richard Signorelli, among others, tweeted: "No wrongdoing found. Something doesn't make sense given his severe head injuries."

And the accident doctor Dr. Megan Ranney is sure: "This is not a 'slip & fall'. This is not a minor concussion. This is MAJOR head trauma."

Dr. Ranney added that she hopes Saget's friends and family will find answers as to what really happened. 

It remains to be seen if Bob Saget's death will ever be truly explained.