Her grief has been shared by many, but obviously few can truly comprehend what she is going through at this moment! Nevertheless, Rizzo sat down this week for an interview on the Today show, revealing that the whole situation feels totally surreal to her. “I was just telling some of my family that today’s a little bit—there’s a little bit more of a sense of calm,” she said. “I think you get to a point where your body will just physically not let you cry anymore, or at least all day. So I think I’m possibly getting there, or I’m just numb. I can’t tell what it is right now.”

“Everything is a memory, everything reminds me of him. So, that’s been difficult but also wonderful at the same time,” she said. A big part of what’s been so wonderful, according to Rizzo, is all of the tributes and fond memories shared by both Saget’s friends and fans following his passing, calling it a “silver lining.” She confessed, “I don’t know how else I’d be getting through this right now.”

Bob Saget's Last Conversation With Kelly Rizzo

Bob Saget's Last Conversation With Kelly Rizzo

What's perhaps most heartbreaking to those who knew the couple personally, is just how in love they truly were. Rizzo and Saget first met in 2015 through mutual friends, announcing their engagement on Instagram in November 2017 and marrying the following year. Their close and personal friends always pointed out just how amazing their relationship seemed to be!

Kelly revealed that in their final conversation: “I think I said, ‘I love you dearly,’ and he said, ‘I love you endlessly.’ I said, ‘I can’t wait to see you tomorrow.’ And then, you know, it was just all very—it was just all love.” Hoda added that comedian Mike Young, Saget’s longtime touring partner, recently told Today that the actor always wanted to fly home to his wife immediately after a gig. “He valued every single second that we had together,” Rizzo replied. “So that’s why (this) is so heartbreaking. But at the same time, I know that (every) second that we had together was just maximized to the fullest. There was nothing left unsaid and nothing left on the table. So there are the things that I’m just trying to hold onto.” 

One thing is for certain: Bob will be dearly missed by his wife, but his friends and fans will also always have a special place in their hearts for one of America's favorite people...the legend that was Bob Saget!