Tim Matheson in 1972

From playing a convict to a president!

This Is 'Bonanza's' Tim Matheson Today

Mitch Vogel originally had his start at fame in the western series, Bonanza, and then later in the 1968 film Yours, Mine and Ours, starring alongside Lucille Ball. Today at age 63, the actor has pretty much strayed away from the spotlight. 

Mitch Vogel Today

However, he did recently make an appearance for the reunion of Yours, Mine and Ours during TMC's Classic Film Festival. Other than a rare red carpet appearance, Vogel spends most of his time participating in Bonanza events, such as Bonanza conventions in England.

Vogel is mostly enjoying his spare time!

Mitch Vogel continues to live in Southern California, where he grew up, and spends his spare time occasionally acting in his church plays, as well as singing in a band. Relaxed... that's how life should be!

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