• Britney Spears broke away from her conservatorship
  • Her father Jamie Spears was in charge of her
  • She wants to reconcile with him now

Britney told the world how much she had suffered at the hands of her father. But now, it seems like water under the bridge. Because as TMZ reports, Britney Spears is seriously talking about reconciling with her father Jamie Spears, who she wanted put in jail over her conservatorship. Sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ that since her split from husband Sam Asghari 3 weeks ago, Britney has began looking internally. She now wants to repair the relationship with her dad.

The reason for this is his health. She knows Jamie has been ill for some time, and has been in and out of the hospital for months. Britney simply doesn't want the regret of waiting too long. This can be an all-too common story, and Britney wants to make peace before it's too late.

Britney wants to heal

TMZ has learned that Jamie was in the hospital several months ago when doctors believed there was something wrong with his kidneys. This could have been life threatening, but it turns out the real issue was his knees. Jamie had a knee replacement 16 years ago and somehow he developed a terrible infection because of it which could be very dangerous to his vital organs.

In fact, he will going into surgery again this week, where doctors will operate again and try to clear the infection. Through it all, he's lost more than 25 pounds and is extremely thin, which raises concerns for the Spears family.

Also interesting:

The road to recovery could be very long, which would give the family the appropriate time to heal. Source tell TMZ that Jamie would love a reconciliation with his daughter. Apparently, he's never harbored ill will toward her, despite all the things Britney said about him both in and out of court. Jamie learned Tuesday Britney was talking reconciliation, and was apparently elated.

For fans, this would certainly be welcome news, as it would mean so much to Britney. For many, her struggles mirror so many other women's fight for autonomy and independence, and it's become a bit of a cultural phenomenon. Now we're all looking forward to seeing how the two repair their relationship. It would be nice to see Britney get a happy ending after all.