• Brooke Shields is a legendary American actress
  • She has a new documentary coming out soon
  • Brooke has recently shared a sexual assault story

Legendary actress Brook Shields has recently shared a traumatic assault she once suffered as well!. The actress opened up to People Mag ahead of her new Hulu project, Pretty Baby, which comes out next month. Shields had already teased the fact she was assaulted in her youth, and described it here for the first time!

Brooke Shields is finally speaking her truth

The story is truly harrowing! Brooke says she was a recent graduate and went out to dinner with an unnamed Hollywood executive whom she thought was going to land her a new role! A story that is all-too familiar with young actresses.

Also interesting:

She says he invited her back to his hotel afterward so she could make a call. Once there, she claims he sexually assaulted her, but Brooke didn't go into much detail...

Watch the video above to learn more!