• Brooklyn Beckham has around 100 tattoos
  • He had 70 of them done for Nicola
  • He now reveals in an interview

Brooklyn Peltz Beckham (23) has around 100 tattoos on his body. David and Victoria Beckham's son has a penchant for this type of artwork. Above all, his wife Nicola (27) inspired his designs, as he now revealed to USA Today.

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Brooklyn Beckham: "She always cries when I get her another tattoo..."

Brooklyn Beckham dedicated about 70 of his 100 tattoos to his wife."She always cries when I get her another tattoo, I always love to surprise her with new ink.” One example of his ink is his latest addition on his left hand with the word "married".

Brooklyn Peltz Beckham and Nicola Peltz Beckham have been married since April 2022. Shortly after the wedding, the eldest son of Beckham inked his vows onto his body.

"I have been looking forward to this day for so long, because today is the day I get to marry you", reads an excerpt from the text. If these immortalizations on Brooklyn's skin aren't proof of his love for Nicola, then we don't know what is.