• Bruce Springsteen has cancelled concerts
  • His band released a statement
  • What's wrong with the musician?

It's simply unquestionable that Bruce Springsteen (73) is one of the biggest stars in the world and has been successful on stage for decades.  The musician is currently on tour again, but he suddenly had to take a break. Is there anything to worry about? On X, formerly Twitter, Bruce Springsteen's team announced that some of their concerts are cancelled!

Bruce will be back before we know it

The band didn't release too many details, but this is what they had to say: "Due to Bruce Springsteen having been taken ill, his concerts with the E Street Band at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia on Aug. 16 and 18 have been postponed."

Also interesting:

What exactly is going on with the singer is not disclosed. However, the concerts will be scheduled for another date. So far, there is no cause for concern, and Bruce's health has always been in good standing before...

Watch the video above to learn more!