• Bruno Mars is currently performing in Las Vegas
  • A major contracted was rumored to be in the works
  • THIS is what we know about the deal

The company asserts their partnership with the "24K Magic" hitmaker is stronger than ever, amidst claims that his Las Vegas residency earnings are being funneled to repay the alleged debt. Dive into the glitzy world of celebrity gossip as we uncover the truth behind these high-stakes headlines!

Bruno is raking it in at the moment

Las Vegas, the city of lights and legends, has witnessed its fair share of celebrity drama, but none quite as sparkling as the recent tale of Bruno Mars and his supposed mountain of gambling debt. The rumor mill went into overdrive as whispers of a $50 million hole in Mars' pocket made the rounds. But hold onto your poker chips, folks, because MGM Resorts is calling "bluff" on these claims!

In a statement as flashy as a Vegas marquee, MGM Resorts declared, "Bruno Mars is a superstar, not a high-roller hostage!" They highlighted their pride in Mars' electrifying performances at Park MGM and his swanky Pinky Ring lounge at Bellagio.

"Speculation of debt? Completely false!" they exclaimed, setting the record straight with the finesse of a royal flush.

Despite the rumors, it seems Bruno Mars is still singing all the way to the bank. With a reported $90 million annual takeaway from his Vegas gigs, the Grammy-winning artist is far from financially flatlining. "He's making a cool $1.5 million per night after taxes," sources say.

Now that's what we call "Treasure"!

Since 2016, Mars and MGM have been a match made in entertainment heaven. His Park MGM residency and the Pinky Ring cocktail bar are the talk of the town, drawing crowds eager for a taste of his 24-karat magic. And with an extended stay in Sin City, fans can bet on many more nights of Bruno's blockbuster performances.

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As the curtain falls on this high-stakes saga, it's clear that Bruno Mars' relationship with MGM is as solid as the gold in his hits. With no gambling debt in sight, Mars can keep on dazzling audiences without a chip of worry on his shoulder.