• Jin from the hit group BTS has begun military service in South Korea
  • Service is mandatory by law in that country
  • Jin will be there for 18 months

Life is not all glitz and glamour if you're a pop star. Least of all, if you're a pop star from South Korea. The international sensation BTS absolutely took the world by storm with their music, and only recently decided to take a break from performing. In the meantime, one of its more popular members, Jin, has begun military service.

Jin is doing what any other citizen would do

Military service is mandatory in South Korea and has been for many years now. Ever since a publicly tense relation with neighbor North Korea has been established, the country has enlisted all able-bodied men to serve, and this is now Jin's turn to do his duty.

Also interesting:

He will spend 18 months in an army base in the northern region of the country training in combat situations. After much anticipation from all BTS fans, the day finally came for him to formally begin service at base, and as was to be expected, this occasion was not without its fanfare either...

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