Fans waiting for a sequel to 'The Mask' will be disappointed...

Jim Carrey Will NOT Resurrect His Old Movie Roles

At the beginning of the nineties, actress Cameron Diaz (46) had just experienced an eventful time. At the age of 16, she left her parent's home in San Diego and made her way working as a model in countries like Japan, Mexico, Australia and France. In 1994 she ended her crazy traveling career and returned to California.

In her homeland, she continued to work as a model. But even then, the 21-year-old was drawn to acting. Cameron went to the audition for the movie The Mask and was very lucky for her first time to say the least. Because without any experience Cameron got the leading role and stood next to Jim Carrey in front of the camera a little later on that year.

Cameron Diaz is still a dream woman today

In older photos, it becomes clear what a special beauty Cameron Diaz was at that time. Her unique facial features, radiant blue eyes, wide natural grin and the blonde mane made her unmistakable. But even today - long after her modeling career - Cameron is still a really attractive woman, even though you don't hear from Diaz quite as much anymore.

Cameron Diaz married the lucky musician Benji Madden (40). They married in January 2015 and have been a happy couple ever since. However, Benji rarely appears on the red carpet. The two lovebirds almost never appear together in public which might be why their relationship is so strong.