• Camila Cabello is arguably the biggest pop star on the planet
  • She has enjoyed great success but many obstacles as well
  • Cabello has been the subject of body shaming online

Perhaps it comes with the territory of being world famous. But everyone should have a chance to relax at the beach in peace! Photographers took photos mostly in awkward moments and poses that went around the world. And it doesn't simply stop with paparazzi not letting her relaxing on the beach or with Camila's bikini photos...

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Camila Cabello Is Setting The Example For A New Kind Of Rhetoric In The Tabloids

Some users on social media insist on posting nasty comments about Camila's body...a subject that is very dear to her. Camila made a detailed statement on the subject of body shaming on Instagram. Afraid of unfavorable paparazzi photos, she paid special attention to her outfits and to looking slim in her bikini on her last visit to the beach!

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