• Cara Delevingne is a model
  • She has recently attracted attention with a new documentary
  • It's all about sex

Cara Delevingne (30) is considered one of today's most successful and well-known models. She's already been the face of many campaigns and walked down a few runways. But now the blonde is drawing attention to herself with a new documentary.

Cara Delevingne is releasing the documentary Planet Sex

Cara Delevingne's documentary is part of the six-part Planet Sex series. It is about how sexuality is practiced around the world. In the trailer released by the BBC, Cara, who has come out, is shown at a masturbation course and a sex laboratory, among other things.

Also interesting:

"I date men, but oh, do I love women — and everyone else," said Cara. "There’s so much to know about the world of sex — and I want answers," she continued.

The documentary will air on November 29 in the US on Hulu. In the UK it will be released on BBC Three and iPlayer on December 1st.