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Two Canadian icons, Catherine O'Hara and Eugene Levy have known each other for longer than any of us thought, dating back to their time in a Toronto theatre in the 70s!

O'Hara opened up in an interview about their ever-evolving relationship while also dishing on a potential Schitt's Creek spin-off!

Catherine O'Hara reveals her dating past

In a 2020 interview with Studio 10, Catherine O'Hara revealed some juicy details about her past and Schitt's Creek co-star Eugene Levy!

Eugene Levy and Catherine O'Hara arrive at the FYC Screening of Pop TV's "Schitt's Creek" .

O'Hara revealed that the two of them have had a long-standing friendship that dates back to the 70s when they both were working at a Toronto theatre.

"I got a job as a waitress at Second City Theatre in Toronto and Eugene was in the cast," she said. "I auditioned a couple of times and finally got in to work with him. We tried dating a couple of times. Everybody in the cast and everybody around Second City dated because there’s nothing more attractive or sexy I think than making each other laugh."

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She added of her costar, "It didn’t work out with Eugene and me and that’s a good thing because we’ve had a wonderful friendship since and he really is a fine gentleman, he’s a great writer, a great actor."

O'Hara then went on to talk about what everyone's been hoping for: a Schitt's Creek movie!

"I’m game for anything," she said, teasing that she was having serious "withdrawals" from being on set.

"I think a movie would be great, we all had such a wonderful time doing it that I can’t imagine we’re going to totally let go," she added.

Schitt's Creek had huge success last year at the Emmy's, and O'Hara opens up more about her love of the show.