• Valentine's Day is known as a day of love
  • Most celebrate with simple gestures
  • These celebs got married on that special day

But there are some celebrities who took this holiday to the next level, even getting married right on February 14. It's not the most unheard of thing in the world. And for many, the day can be a sign of good luck. We'll show which celebs tied the knot on Valentine's Day here:

These celebs picked the perfect day for love

Elton John In 1984 the British singer married Renate Blauel, in Darling Point, New South Wales, Australia. Unfortunately they divorced four years later as the marriage was always destined to fail. It was later discovered that Elton John is gay!

Also interesting:

Next on our list is someone who is known as a wild spirit: Courtney Love. The singer-songwriter married vocalist James Moreland in 1989 to much fanfare and press.

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