• Celine Dion has Stiff Person syndrome
  • That's why she is cancelling or post-poning her tour
  • THESE are the symptoms of the incurable disease

At the beginning of December, the terrible news broke that Celine Dion (54) was seriously ill. She even has to stop her tour because of the terrible diagnosis as she explained in an Instagram video. 

The Canadian suffers from Stiff Person syndrome, an incurable neurological disorder that affects her voice and body.

Celine Dion: These are the severe symptoms of her illness

Celine Dion, who has changed a lot over the years, spoke in her video of severe muscle cramps. But there is much more behind the autoimmune disease, as the Stiff Person Syndrome Foundation informs.

In addition to severe muscle cramps, patients also experience stiffness, skeletal deformities, tightness, and tightening of the muscles. The muscles are much more sensitive, which is why symptoms can be triggered by the smallest stimuli.

Walking is made much more difficult for the patient, which can lead to falls. The disease also has psychological consequences. Many patients experience panic attacks and other anxiety disorders as a result of stiff person syndrome.

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The disease comes in phases, so it can go from stable phases to severe ones. Celine Dion's diagnosis is pretty terrifying. But as you know the powerful woman she is, she won't let herself get down.