• Chance the Rapper is a celebrated American rapper
  • He has found himself in a marriage controversy lately
  • His representative has put minds at ease

It's not unusual for celebrities to cut very loose when they are celebrating a big occasion. Back when Chance turned 30 years old, a video of him went viral where he was enjoying himself in Jamaica. He got in trouble when a woman who was not his wife was caught twerking on him, and he seemed to be up for it. Because of that, Chance and his wife Kirsten have had fans fearing they're heading toward a split.

Chance and Kirsten are beyond that now

The rumour mill was buzzing for a couple of weeks, but his representative has now made a statement. A rep for the Grammy winner acknowledges there's been some drama involving the videos, but summed it up by telling 'TMZ Hip Hop' this:

Also interesting:

"Everyone has their moments, but they're all good," the rep said. Kirsten had posted a cryptic Maya Angelou quote about married people failing to grow up...

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