• Dominic West is a big part of The Crown
  • He plays Prince Charles in the hit Netflix series
  • In real life, a scandal nearly cost him his career

This slip-up had almost devastating consequences for The Crown actor Dominic West (53). It's no secret that Hollywood can be a real place for scandals, and West had one of his own. In October 2020, the actor was spotted in Rome snogging with the much younger "Rebecca" star Lily James (33), despite being married.

Dominic West can count his blessing after this

More intimate pictures of The Crown star Dominic West and Lily James emerged, which strongly suggested a liaison. The two actors were seen together in The Pursuit of Love and the alleged affair drew a massive media whirlwind. The fact is that West's personal reputation was always put into questions after that

Also interesting:

West also has four children with his wife! However, the two stayed together after the scandal and clarified together in front of their family home: "Our marriage is strong and we are still together.“ Lily James was very terse about the story herself...

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