• Cher has confirmed her new relationship
  • He is 40 years younger than her
  • Clear words from Cher on the criticism

Cher (76) is newly in love! The singer confirmed her new relationship with 36-year-old music producer Alexander Edwards on Twitter. On the platform, she first shared a photo with him and commented on it with a heart emoji.

Cher gets criticism

Questions from her fans quickly arose as to whether he was the new man at her side. She then confirmed the relationship and revealed that the two met at Paris Fashion Week.

Fans of the singer are happy about their happiness in love, but there are also negative comments. Some poke fun at the enormous age gap of 40 years. "Hey Cher, is that your grandson?" a comment says, for example.

Cher finds clear words

However, the megastar is not deterred by this. After all, the only thing that matters is that she and her boyfriend Alexander are happy together. 

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By the way, Alexander Edwards is no stranger. He was with Kanye West's ex Amber Rose and has a son with her.