With his trademark raspy and deep voice, "Sergeant Hank Voight" is the chief of the police intelligence unit in Chicago P.D. Throughout his career, Jason Beghe has played impressive and enigmatic characters in both film and television but definitely, one of his best performances is that of "Sergeant Voight". Here are five fun facts about Beghe that you probably didn't know.

Chicago P.D.: Five Fun Facts About Jason Beghe

1. He was a model in Europe!
After graduating in 1982 from Pomona College, Beghe spent time working in Europe as a model, mainly in Paris. His main job as a model was with the brand Armani with which he collaborated for a couple of years.


2. "Hank Voight" was not his first role as an officer
One of his first big acting opportunities was in the iconic film Thelma & Louise as the officer who stops the rebellious couple for speeding. Although it was one of his first roles, the first of his entire career, he also starred with the star of Thelma & Louise, Susan Sarandon in Compromising Positions.

Jason Beghe in the fourth season of 'Chicago P.D.'

3. His unique voice was the result of an accident
We cannot deny that Beghe's voice has given depth to his performances, however, this was the result of a car accident he had in 1999 in which he was very close to losing his life. The actor was intubated and the anxiety caused by the tube resulted in him removing it on multiple occasions, affecting his vocal cords for life.

4. His character in Chicago P.D. doesn't just appear in that series
The famous Dick Wolf has created an entire universe around the police genre, which is why some of his characters have appeared in other series he has created. "Hank Voight" is one of the characters we can also see in some episodes of Law and Order: SVU, Chicago FireChicago Med and Chicago Justice.

5. He has a complicated relationship with Scientology
For more than 12 years, Beghe was a member of the Church of Scientology, however, in 2007 he decided to withdraw from the organization and began a campaign against it. Since then he has dedicated himself to doing workshops and conferences to talk about his experience in Scientology so that people do not get involved.

We look forward to seeing Jason Beghe on our screens for many more years to come!

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