A quick Chicago P.D. flashback: In seasons 1 and 2, "Nadia Decotis" was a 17-year-old prostitute and drug addict. But with the help "Erin Lindsay" (Sophia Bush), she managed to leave that world and enter the Intelligence Unit.

"Nadia" was a very strong person who was always there for "Erin" when she needed support. But in season 2, the world fell apart for "Erin" when "Nadia" was kidnapped, raped, and murdered.

Chicago P.D.: "Nadia Decotis" actress Stella Maeve

Chicago P.D. is thought to have had "Nadia" killed off to establish the high-stakes nature of the new series in the Chicago TV franchise, which has grown increasingly popular over the years and is now airing season 8. But her death left fans heartbroken and greatly influenced "Erin."

Chicago P.D. - "Nadia" actress Stella Maeve today

Actress Stella Maeve portrayed "Nadia" from 2014 to 2015 on Chicago P.D. and Law & Order: SVU. But the New York-born actress began her career in 2005, with early roles in the film Transamerica and other police dramas such as CSI, Bones, and Law & Order.

Today: Nadia Decotis in 2020

After her Chicago P.D. role ended, Maeve landed her first starring role on The Magicians, a fantasy series on SyFy. She had a main role for all five seasons before the show concluded in early 2020.

Chicago P.D. actress Stella Maeve on The Magicians

Apart from The Magicians, the 31-year-old star also appeared in an episode of God Friended Me in 2019. She also married actor Benjamin Wadsworth last year and in August 2019 announced her first pregnancy. Their daughter Jo Jezebel was born in 2020.

Moving ahead, Maeve is due to co-headline film Manson Girls, about the young women in the "Manson Family" of the 1960s. For more on Chicago P.D., see why Jon Seda really left the series here.


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