• Chris Hemsworth got a big honor
  • His own star in the Hollywood Walk of Fame
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The event was peppered with jests from his 'Avengers' co-stars, including Robert Downey Jr., Jeremy Renner, Mark Ruffalo, Scarlett Johansson, and Chris Evans, making it a day to remember. Let's dive into the laughter-filled ceremony that proved even superheroes can take a joke!

Avengers' Roast Assemble!

Chris Hemsworth, known worldwide for wielding Thor's mighty hammer, experienced a different kind of hammering at his Hollywood Walk of Fame star ceremony.

Instead of thunderous applause, he was showered with playful jibes from his 'Avengers' comrades, proving that even off-screen, the superhero team knows how to keep the entertainment alive!

Robert Downey Jr., was in-person at the unveiling. But before jetting in, he surveyed the rest of the super-hero team for their reactions to the moment.

"I reached out to his fellow Avengers to distill to three simple describing words, ‘What is Chris Hemsworth?'" Downey said to the assembled. "First off, [Jeremy] Renner says, ‘Absurdly annoyingly amazing.’ [Mark] Ruffalo came in strong with, ‘Friend from work.'"

Jeremy Renner described Hemsworth as "Absurdly annoyingly amazing," striking the perfect balance between irritation and admiration. Mark Ruffalo, on the other hand, opted for a more endearing, "Friend from work," echoing one of 'Thor: Ragnarok's most memorable lines.

Scarlett Johansson cut straight to the chase, dubbing Hemsworth a "Sensitive leading lady," while Chris Evans delivered the ultimate friendly fire, calling him the "Second best Chris." Ouch!

Despite the playful ribbing, the ceremony was a heartwarming celebration of Hemsworth's illustrious career. Downey's own tribute to Hemsworth was notably tender, simply stating, "Hollywood star recipient," before the two shared a heartfelt hug.

The ceremony was not just a testament to Hemsworth's impact on Hollywood but also a showcase of the genuine camaraderie among the Avengers cast. As Hemsworth graciously thanked Downey and the rest of his team, it was clear that these superheroes share a bond that transcends the screen.

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Chris Hemsworth's Walk of Fame ceremony was a blockbuster event, filled with humor, warmth, and a touch of superhero flair. It's a day that Hemsworth — and Marvel fans everywhere — won't soon forget.

As "Thor" might say, it was truly "worthy" of the "God of Thunder."