• Christina Applegate has multiple sclerosis
  • The actress makes her first public appearance
  • The illness changed Christina

Actress Christina Applegate (50) was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Her appearance at the unveiling was something very special and was filled with many emotions - after all, she made her MS disease public last year.

Christina Applegate's first public appearance after being diagnosed with MS

Since then, Christian Applegate had said goodbye to red carpets and made his first public appearance on Monday at the Star Awards. Christina seemed very weak, even needing a chair to get through the ceremony.

In her speech, Christina thanked the audience for the honor and briefly touched on her health. Addressing her daughter Sadie, 11, she said: "Thank you for standing beside me for all of this. Oh, by the way, I have a disease. Did you not notice? I’m not even wearing shoes!" She joked to the audience.

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That's why Christina Applegate didn't wear shoes

Why the star was barefoot, Christina Applegate then explained on Twitter: "Barefoot. For some with MS the feeling of shoes may hurt or make us feel off balance. So today I was me. Barefoot".

Christina Applegate was accompanied by her Married...With Children co-stars Katey Sagal (68) and David Faustino (48) and Dead To Me colleague Linda Cardellini (47). The actress had previously given insights into her illness on social media and in interviews.

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