Born on September 9th, 1975 in Burnaby, British Columbia, Michael Bublé grew up being raised by his grandfather and mother, as his father was a fisherman often at sea. He has two younger sisters, Brandee and Crystal. Bublé's interest in becoming a singer started at a much younger age than most...

Michael Bublé: The "Feeling Good" singer's career

It was at the young age of two where the "Feeling Good" singer had already dreamed of becoming a famous singer someday. By age five, he had discovered Bing Crosby's White Christmas album, and his interest in jazz flourished. At age 13, while he was singing "White Christmas" in the car, his family had even picked up how powerful his voice was during the song. 

Michael Bublé's love aside from Christmas music

Although Michael's heart was set for singing jazz, he also had another passion: ice hockey. At some point, he really wanted to pursue becoming a professional hockey player for the Vancouver Canucks. He had even expressed to Canada's Ottawa Sun: "I wanted so bad to be a hockey player and the truth is that I sucked. If I was any good at hockey, I probably wouldn't be singing right now. I'd probably be sitting out the season." 

But of course, his voice and music prevailed, which he credits a lot to his grandfather who, incidentally, introduced him to the best jazz artists. His grandfather would show him the music of Ella Fitzgerald, Tony Bennett, Frank Sinatra, and Stevie Wonder, and had also encouraged Michael to enter a local talent contest. While he ended up being too young for this particular contest, the organizer was impressed by Bublé and suggested he enter the British Columbia Youth Talent Search, which he won. 

Michael Bublé's start at fame

After winning this contest, the same organizer helped him record his first independent CD, and his grandfather offered free plumbing services to anyone who would help kick-start Michael's singing career. In the meantime, Bublé was performing at various local music venues. Yet, his big break came from singing at a party for a previous advisor to the Canadian Prime Minister, Michael McSweeney, in which his CD soon fell into the hands of the Canadian Prime Minister himself, Brian Mulroney. 

Michael was then introduced to big names in the game, including the Grammy-winning producer, David Foster. His first album was released in 2003 and was an international success. His soothing voice won over audiences in Australia, the UK, and of course his home Canada. Today, Michael Bublé has sold over 75 million records worldwide and has won 4 Grammy Awards and 14 Juno Awards

Now we'll share some pics of his childhood! Cherished moments with his father and mother...

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