• Christopher Meloni is a celebrated American television and film actor
  • He is best known for his role in Law & Order: SVU
  • When Meloni left the show the story was a shocker for all fans

But how did it come about that Chris Meloni turned his back on the show after so many years? The real reason the actor wasn't cast for season 13 is that there were disagreements in his contract negotiations, as TVLine reported at the time. And it wouldn't have been the first time Meloni's pay was an issue...

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Christopher Meloni: The Real Reason He Left 'SVU'

Although executives at NBC were keen to keep Meloni on, his demands were simply too high for them, and their professional relationship deteriorated beyond repair. The news broke the heart of many fans, and it would be many years before Meloni reprised his famous role as New York's toughest detective...

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