• Christopher Reeve was an American actor and activist
  • He was best know for playing "Superman" in the 1980s
  • THIS was his sad cause of death

After a fall from a horse caused a spinal cord injury, Christopher dedicated his life to advocacy and research. On May 27 1995, Reeve’s world changed. Reeve was an accomplished horseman and that day he was taking part in an equestrian competition. Riding his horse, they jumped the first two fences in the course and were riding up to the third.

A tragic blow

For some reason, the horse refused to jump and suddenly stopped. Reeve was thrown from the horse. His hands somehow got tangled in the reins, and he landed head first on the far side of the fence.

Also interesting:

The impact smashed the two upper vertebrae in his spine, which meant that his skull and spine were no longer connected. Throughout his life, Christopher Reeve spoke publicly about his wish to walk again by his 50th birthday. He also worked tirelessly to promote medical advances, especially for controversial stem cell research...

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