• Clint Eastwood has been in the show business for years
  • He started his career as a young actor 
  • This is what Clint Eastwood used to look like 

Clint Eastwood (92) is an absolute film icon and has been in the business for decades. But do you know what he looked like at the beginning of his career? We show you in the video.

Clint Eastwood young: This is what the actor used to look like

Clint Eastwood became famous due to various western films. He made his film debut at the age of 24 in Revenge of the Monster and went on to appear in Francis in the Navy and Tarantula. After these rather mediocre successes, the western series Thousand Miles of Dust helped him to become better known in the 1950s.

The actor rose to worldwide fame in the 1960s playing the role of the unnamed hero in the Dollar trilogy, which consisted of For a Fistful of Dollars, For a Few Dollars More and Two Glorious Scoundrels. His performance was not only well received in America, but also in Europe and helped the genre of the spaghetti western to become a worldwide success.

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He was definitely a hit amongst the women! Of course, especially after seeing him with his then wife Maggie Johnson, with whom he had been married with for almost three decades since the fifties.

One thing is certain: Oscar-winner Clint Eastwood is still an absolute icon!