• Ireland is pumping out many Hollywood stars
  • Colin Farrell is very proud of this
  • HERE is what he said

Discover how stars like Cillian Murphy and Barry Keoghan are taking Hollywood by storm and why Ireland is becoming a cinematic powerhouse.

Colin is proud of his people

Colin Farrell, the pride of Castleknock, Ireland, is bursting with national pride as he witnesses a wave of Irish talent flooding Hollywood's elite.

The fact is, the little island is producing some of the most emblematic actors of our generation. Colin Farrell is perhaps chief among them.

"We punch so far above our weight," Farrell exclaimed to Entertainment Tonight, praising the storytelling prowess of his compatriots. With a population of just five million, Ireland's cultural giants are making global waves, from music to the silver screen!

Last month, the world watched in awe as Cillian Murphy snagged the coveted Oscar for Best Actor, a first for an Irish-born star.

"I'm a very proud Irishman standing here tonight," Murphy declared, his words resonating with the power of Ireland's artistic spirit.

But it's not just Murphy basking in the spotlight. Barry Keoghan, Andrew Scott, Kerry Condon, and Paul Mescal are among the fresh faces joining established icons like Saoirse Ronan and Liam Neeson. Farrell beams with pride, especially for his co-star Keoghan, "He's killing it," Farrell said, sharing their joyous reunion.

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Beyond its stars, Ireland itself has become a sizzling hotbed for Hollywood productions. With a whopping $42 million budget, Screen Ireland is unleashing a bonanza of 40 projects.

Elaine Geraghty, a film studio managing director, captures the essence, "It's a tight community — everybody in the screen industry knows each other." This camaraderie is Ireland's secret ingredient to cinematic success.