• Hugh Mitchell starred in 'Harry Potter'
  • He embodied "Colin"
  • That's what he does today

In ‘Harry Potter’, little “Colin” appeared in the second film in the series. He was a passionate hobby photographer and sometimes annoyed “Harry” a lot when he tried to take pictures of him. After ‘The Chamber of Secrets’ the role disappeared from the films.

"Colin" became a real photographer

 “Colin” was played by Hugh Mitchell, who celebrated his acting debut in the role. Afterwards, Hugh was seen in ‘Henry VIII’ or ‘The Da Vinci Code – Sacrilege’. He last appeared in an episode of the series ‘Inspector Wallander’ in 2015.

Hugh then said goodbye to acting and turned to a career path that reminds us a lot of “Colin”: Hugh Mitchell now works as a photographer. He shows his impressive nature photos on Instagram.

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