Colton's season of the bachelor ended with Cassie Randolph. However, instead of an engagement, the couple are merely just dating with the direction towards marriage whenever they are ready. Their first red carpet debut together last night was a huge success! Colton looked handsome in all black and Cassie looked stunning in a black and silver dress. 

"Huge country music fan"

The ACM Awards seemed to be a fitting place for the pair to walk the red carpet as Colton claims to be a "huge country music fan." He discussed with People Magazine how during the filming of The Bachelor, he was only allowed to have an iPod and he loaded it up with country music. They seemed very excited to be on the red carpet and seeing some of their favourite country music artists. 

Colton Raves About Cassie on Social Media

Colton was even seen using a disposable camera and taking pictures of Cassie on the red carpet. He tweeted out a picture saying, "I'll be your professional hype man for the rest of our lives. You're beautiful <3".