• Justin Bieber has fans worried
  • He attends Coachella 2023
  • Video goes viral

Justin Bieber (29) and his wife Hailey Bieber (26) have gone through some issues in the past. After Justin was faced with health problems, Hailey was in the spotlight due to a perceived feud with Selena Gomez (30). The couple has always stood by each other during these difficult times.

Justin Bieber at Coachella: He seems unwell

But now new recordings of Justin Bieber are worrying his fans again. A video went viral on TikTok showing the singer at this year's Coachella. Justin seemed completely exhausted after a dance session. The video shows Justin hanging over a barrier while his wife Hailey Bieber stands by his side and caresses his back.

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You can clearly see that he is not doing well. "He's probably deteriorating again," fans speculate in the comments. It is not clear whether Justin's exhaustion is due to his Ramsay Hunt Syndrome. It's good to know that he can count on his Hailey in such situations!