• Harry Styles looks to carry on with his acting career
  • The MCU seems to have more room for him in future films
  • Here is what producers had to say about his place in the MCU

Marvel Studios producer Nate Moore has now confirmed that Harry's alter ego is an "intriguing" character with a family connection to the villain "Thanos". During an interview on the Deadline Crew Call podcast, Moore said this: "We certainly didn’t cast Harry for a tag [...] there are more stories that can be told with the character"

Harry Styles could be back any day now!

It looks like Harry's days in the MCU could only be getting started. It's not like fans are suddenly going to stop watching the films. Moore carried on explaining how Styles could be re-incorporated: "He’s fascinating. He has a really interesting connection with Thanos — they’re half-brothers, they share the same father. He has an interesting power set", said Moore.

Also interesting:

So any movies that will feature "Eros" and "Starfox" could offer an interesting mix of history and fun for longtime fans and new fans alike. Moore also added this: "He’s a complicated character but a really fun character […]" 

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