• This is how Corey Haim passed away
  • Haim was an 80's icon
  • He died at age 38

The world was left in shock when the heartthrob of the '80s, Corey Haim (38, actor), was found lifeless in his mother's apartment. The teen idol who once graced the silver screen with his charismatic presence in hits like 'The Lost Boys' and 'License to Drive,' succumbed to a silent killer far from the illegal substances many suspected.

Sad news:

On that fateful day, March 10, 2010, Haim lay unresponsive, a scene tragically far from the Hollywood glitz and glamour. Rushed to Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center, the star was pronounced dead, leaving a trail of unanswered questions and broken hearts.

Revealing the truth

The Los Angeles County Coroner's Office delved deep, and the autopsy report was nothing short of a bombshell. Pneumonia struck the fatal blow, with an enlarged heart and narrowed vessels playing their sinister parts. But here's the kicker – Haim's system was a cocktail of prescription meds, yet none held the smoking gun.

Corey Haim Stops By Planet Hollywood Times Square For Handprint Ceremony

No illegal drugs? That's right! Haim's history with addiction painted a different picture, but it was the legal drugs that danced through his veins. A stark reminder that the prescription pad can be just as lethal as the street corner.

A world in mourning

Fans and friends alike were drenched in sorrow, their cries echoing a sentiment of lost potential and a battle with addiction that deserved a fighting chance. The finger-pointing began – could the doctors have been his enablers? Or was Haim the master of his own fate?

Corey Haim's tragic tale is a siren call to the perils of addiction, be it prescription or not. His death is not just a loss but a lesson – a clarion call for better support, treatment, and a world where addiction doesn't write the final act.