Considered one of the best players in the history of the most popular sport in the world, life as a soccer player has always been a happy one for Ronaldo. He became known to the world playing for English giants Manchester United in the early 2000s. Then a very high-profile move to Spanish royalty, Real Madrid in 2009, saw Ronaldo become the most expensive player of all time, as well as the most successful of the modern age, after winning 4 Champions League trophies with the club in just five years, shattering every goal-scoring record along the way! An unprecedented feat that elevated him to the podium of the all-time greats.

Why Does Cristiano Ronaldo Want To Move Again?

But all good things must come to an end, and Ronaldo packed his bags for Turin, joining Italian champions Juventus in 2018. Although the goals kept coming, the elusive sixth Champions League trophy of his career eluded him, and Ronaldo didn't find himself too happy in the Mediterranean. After three seasons of trying and failing, Ronaldo has gone back to his roots, re-joining Manchester United earlier this season.

But his return hasn't been rosy all the way! Manchester United currently sit in the middle of the Premier League standings, with little to no hopes of reaching the Champions League next season, which is a massive blow to a player of his caliber, who is used to featuring in the competition ever since 2002. This means that Ronaldo might be looking for a new team very soon. This is also fueled by the fact that his rival Lionel Messi is sitting on 4 trophies, and is likely to tie Ronaldo this season after joining French superstars Paris Saint-Germain this year!

Cristiano Ronaldo Wants To Move Again?

These rumors have English fans angry with their cherished golden boy, Ronaldo, accusing him of chasing personal glories instead of collective trophies for the team. Manchester United was counting on signing Ronaldo to help get them back into Europe's elite competition, but it's not looking too good for them at the moment.

One thing is for certain: Ronaldo sells newspapers, and so it's likely this story is nothing but a rumor. But Ronaldo's ambition is nothing to take lightly either. We'll definitely know more in the coming weeks. Until then, you can bet on Ronaldo starting for Manchester United in their next game...because they definitely need someone to score the goals!