• Linda Kozlowski met Charles and Diana
  • The actress shares a photo
  • She had a nice evening with the couple

Linda Kozlowski has shaken hands with many celebrities during the time she has enjoyed great success with 'Crocodile Dundee'. Especially at the premieres of the films, the Who's Who of stars was always present. The former leading actress now remembers a very special encounter in 1988.

Linda Kozlowski recounts her fun evening with Charles and Diana

'Crocodile Dundee II' premiered at the Empire Theatre in Leicester Square, London, on June 21, 1988. As is still customary today for major film premieres in Great Britain, not only the actors and many stars of the industry were present on the day, but also British royals.

On Instagram, Linda Kozlowski shares photos from the day. They are very special pictures because they show the "Sue" actress shaking hands with today's King Charles III and his then-wife Lady Diana. 

The pictures show Linda beaming from ear to ear as she greeted the royals and exchanged a few quick words with them.

However, the short "Hello" didn't stop there. As Linda explains in her post, she was allowed to take a seat at the premiere of the strip in the theater between Charles and Diana shortly afterward.

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