Dabney Coleman had a very successful career on screen. He was active in the entertainment industry from the 1960's to his most appearance on screen in Yellowstone in 2019. He was married to the beautiful American actress Jean Hale from 1961 to 1984. They had three children together, Kelly, Randy and Quincy. Quincy is a famous musician who has had quite the successful career!

Quincy Coleman: Her music career 

Quincy Coleman was born on February 21, 1972 in Los Angeles, California. She is known as an American songwriter, guitarist and vocalist. She released her very first album in 2003 titled Also Known as Mary which featured ten tracks. Ten more tracks for her second album titled Come Closer was released in 2006 and she released two singles in 2009 titled "Bridge Over Troubled Water" and "Running on Faith." 

Quincy Coleman: In the film Waitress

One of her songs, "Also Known as Mary" was featured on the soundtrack for the Academy Award-winning film Crash in 2004. One of her biggest successes is on the soundtrack for the 2007 film Waitress, on which she had two tracks. The first one she even wrote and it was from her first album called "Give it Away" and the second song was called "Baby Don't You Cry."

Quincy Coleman: Her Personal Life

Quincy has shifted her focus in music to seeing music as a service. She gave birth to twin boys, she sings at The Vedanta Temple in Hollywood and she joined the Music Ministry at Unity of the Westside. Coleman is also the founder of H-OM-E where she hosts events that "create, educate and celebrate Consciousness & Unity," according to her website.