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Originally from Marshall, Texas, Susan Howard is best known for portraying the iconic "Donna Culver Krebbs" in the American soap opera Dallas from 1979 to 1987, alongside other stars like Steve Kanaly who played "Ray Krebbs."

Her character was supposed to be a one-time guest, but the show's producers were so fascinated by Susan's performance that they asked her to stay, however, she left the show in 1987, refusing to take part in the script for the new season where her character was intended to have an affair with one of the other characters.

Where is the Dallas star Susan Howard today?

Before Dallas, Susan Howard gained international recognition for her work in more than 40 film and television projects like Bonanza, Mission: Impossible, and Star Trek. But what has she been up to since she left the soap opera? From 1987 to 1988 she co-hosted the flagship television program The 700 Club alongside Tim Robertson, and in 1993 she played the role of "Constance" in the television movie Come the Morning.

However, it seems that at some point she decided to focus on her career in politics. Susan Howard is an active supporter of conservative causes; she has served as a commissioner of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and as a commissioner of the Texas Commission on the Arts.

Five quick facts about Dallas' Susan Howard

  • She is married to Mission: Impossible star Calvin Chrane. They live in Boerne Texas 
  • In 1986 she won the Soap Opera Digest Award for Outstanding Actress in a Supporting Role
  • She was the first woman to play a "Klingon" in Star Trek 
  • Her passion for acting started when she was very young, she actually won a University Interscholastic League Award for Best Actress when she was in high school 
  • She has one daughter from her previous marriage with Charles Howerton

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