• Danny DeVito is a celebrated American actor
  • He is mostly known for his small stature
  • DeVito had trouble getting work early on in his career

When the father of future actor Danny DeVito noticed that his child has stopped growing, he took him to the doctors. But the doctors throw up their hands because Danny is completely healthy. Danny was never mocked at school thanks to his original sense of humour! 

Danny DeVito's career got off to a rough start

While he is a renowned artist today, earlier in his career he struggled to gain acceptance because of his size. Danny is about 1.50 meters tall, making him one of the shortest actors in Hollywood. But his physical size has never stopped him.

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Danny DeVito has never been one to quit. At a young age he then turned to acting to gain more self-confidence. He told The Times in an interview how his size almost became a big impediment for him when he was just getting started... 

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