• Dave Coulier is an American actor and comedian
  • He is best known for 'Full House'
  • THIS is what he is doing today

Many fans have wondered what beloved actor Dave Coulier has been up to lately. He's still keeping busy in his career in more ways than one. These days, Dave wears many hats. Including family man, Dave recently launched a rewatch podcast for 'Full House' where friends and co-stars join him. 'Full House Rewind' features Coulier, as he recounts each episode of the beloved ABC sitcom.

Dave Coulier is going strong even now

"’Full House’ and ‘Fuller House’ have received so much love from fans worldwide. I am still blown away by the positive response," Coulier said in a statement. "I’m thrilled to partner with PodCo for the ‘Full House Rewind’ video podcast, and excited for listeners to laugh along with guests like John Stamos and Josh Peck in our feel-good variety show series. So, join me, Mr. Woodchuck, Comet and my cartoon pals this summer, and we’ll all get together for a big, Tanner family hug."

Although, amid the ongoing strike on Hollywood, some decisions had to be made as far as moving forward with it was concerned.  And so, Dave decided to pause releasing new episodes during the SAG-AFTRA strike. "Though the podcast series has many episodes that were recorded before the strike was authorized, Dave assures fans of the new series that they can look forward to more entertaining content in the meantime on socials and will be back to releasing new episodes as soon as the strike concludes," the podcast’s producers said in a statement.

Dave has always been an ally of actors in the union and is very active on social media, with a pretty decent following. He posted on Instagram in solidarity of the strike with this caption: "While we have many more @FullHouseRewind episodes ready for release, each with a very special guest, we’re going to be pressing pause until the SAG-AFTRA strike is resolved."

"In the meantime, I look forward to continuing to entertain you on all of our socials, and I promise, the second the strike comes to an end, we’ll be back and ready to rock! Oh, and just so you have something to look forward to, the next episode up when we get back, our guest…let’s just say his name begins with a J and he’s got great hair."

But that's not all Dave is doing these days. He is also working on the new show 'Live + Local' where he plays the role of "Tommy Murphy" in a lighthearted comedy genre which is right up his alley.

Also interesting:

According to IMDb, The show is an inside look at the Christian local radio station K-HUGG. The staff is experiencing some transitions and power shifts at work, but the way they handle it with grace and comedy will be sure to leave you laughing and inspired. You can catch Dave is the next season that should resume as soon as the strike does!

In his personal life Dave is a father and a husband. He is also a hockey fan and participates in charity events with the Detroit Red Wings. Dave is a fan of the Detroit Tigers and has played in celebrity softball games alongside fellow Tigers fan Tom Selleck. What a life he's had!