• David Beckham is suing Mark Wahlberg
  • It's all over the fitness brand F45
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In an explosive legal battle that has fans and fitness enthusiasts glued to their screens, retired soccer legend David Beckham has filed a lawsuit against Hollywood heavyweight Mark Wahlberg over a controversial partnership with the fitness company F45 Training. This is one feud that will probably last some time.

Becks is taking issue

The drama unfolds with Beckham claiming he was "duped" out of $10 million, sparking a sensational story of celebrity friendships gone awry and high-stakes business deals.

With a twist that sounds straight out of a Hollywood script, David Beckham has taken legal action against Mark Wahlberg, accusing the star of misleading him in a deal with F45 Training, a global fitness brand. Beckham, feeling "duped," alleges a whopping $10 million loss due to not receiving promised stock until its value plummeted.

The soccer icon's move to Los Angeles and his friendship with Wahlberg had fans buzzing about their power partnership, but the dream team has since turned into a courtroom drama.

The partnership, which kicked off with much fanfare in 2021, has since seen both parties scrubbing evidence of their collaboration from social media.

Initially hailed as a groundbreaking move with Beckham poised to play a "key role" in F45's brand marketing, the excitement has now been overshadowed by legal wrangling and public fallout.

The Legal Battle Heats Up

Beckham and Wahlberg reportedly became friends after the former Manchester United and Los Angeles Galaxy star moved into the same LA neighborhood in 2007. 

Wahlberg bought a minority stake in F45 through his investment firm along with FOD Capital in 2019. 

Beckham had first attempted to sue alongside LIV Golf CEO Greg Norman, who had his own issue with F45, in 2022 in court in California, but a judge ruled that they had to file separate suits. 

F45 had announced the Beckham partnership in 2021 and Beckham had said in a statement at the time that Wahlberg had been the one to get him into it. 

"I’ve been a fan of the F45 franchise and training model since being introduced by my friend, Mark Wahlberg," Beckham said.

Despite attempts by the Mark Wahlberg Investment Group and F45 founders to dismiss Beckham's claims as "fraudulent," a judge has ruled against them, setting the stage for a high-profile showdown.

Beckham's lawsuit not only targets Wahlberg but also implicates F45's founding members, adding fuel to the fire of this sensational dispute.

F45, known for its dynamic mix of circuit and HIIT workouts, is no stranger to legal challenges, with former NFL star Terrell Owens also having sued the brand in 2017. Wahlberg's involvement with the company, both as an investor and board member, now finds itself under intense scrutiny amidst Beckham's allegations.

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Despite the turmoil, Beckham has managed to find moments of joy, notably capturing a Spice Girls reunion at wife Victoria's 50th birthday bash.

The event, featuring a performance of "Stop," offered a brief respite from the ongoing legal drama, reminding fans of Beckham's enduring charm and resilience.