• Another affair scandal in Hollywood?
  • Joey King is said to have cheated with Aaron Taylor-Johnson
  • Could the allegations be true?

Usually, where there is smoke there is fire behind it. And the tabloids are always quick to jump on a story that is as juicy as this one. But is there anything actually behind it? The two stars are taken, but not only that, Taylor-Johnson is married and King is engaged. Although many online are sure the actors were having an affair!

Could the rumor mill be right once again?

Off-camera, King and Taylor-Johnson are said to have gotten along extremely well. This can almost always lead to rumors of infdelity when both parties are already with someone else. It's not very common for men and women to get along famously without any sparks.

Also interesting:

A creator on TikTok posted a video reading confessions from the forum Crazy Days and Nights that suddenly set the rumor mill ablaze with stories of cheating and scandal.

Watch the video above to learn more!